Theotokos and Christ

St. Mary's Indian Orthodox Church
of Northern Virginia

43825 Jenkins Lane
Ashburn VA 20147

About Us

About Orthodoxy

In its essence Christianity is a life which men and women seek to live as members of community in the midst of the realities of existence in the world, on the basis of faith. The faith gives each member of the community and the community itself a character, with the inner strength, which they need in their everyday life and a hope for the future. Christianity believes that the faith, which holds, can offer a direction in life for men and women everywhere and in every generation. This is why the Church feels obliged to carry on its missionary activities in the world.

About St. Mary's NoVA

St. Mary's Indian Orthodox Church of Northern Virginia is founded based on the essential Christian principles of Faith, Hope, and Love and established according to the customs, beliefs, and regulations of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The mission of the Church is to extend those principles and beliefs into spiritual and social activities involving its members living in and around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC areas.

This Church is a member of Malankara Orthodox Church under the stewarship of His Grace, Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, Metropolitan of the North-East American Diocese.

Upcoming Events

01/31/2015 - Self-Dedication Service

Training Session for Self-Dedication Service on Saturday, January 31 from 4-6pm at the church. All children 12 and above are welcome to participate. Kindly contact Jomon or Jyotsana.